Lucky Peach in Hawaii

From August 3rd to 5th in 2013, Lucky Peach┬ámagazine visited Hawaii with a series of events sponsored by local organization Interisland Terminal. A magazine dedicated to food and the culture behind it, I found Lucky Peach fresh and possessing a playful attitude that reminded me of magazines that I was quite fond of, like Giant […]

McDonald’s In Hawaii Is On Point

After all these years of enjoying the delicious food of Hawaii, I still don’t mind going to McDonald’s, because when I was growing up, McDonald’s was a luxury for my family, and something my sisters and I looked forward to. Because there was a time when going to McDonald’s was a treat. Before the value […]

DXC Hawaii – April 27, 2013

This past weekend the Dunk XChange (or DXC) returned to Hawaii, and it was time for me to finally check it out. I’ve avoided going to DXCs in the past, primarily because I felt that an event like this should ┬áreally be free. That’s based on the fact that a lot of the sneaker events […]