Hidden Hipstamatics: Pics From My iPhone 4S

Here’s a few pics I took with the Hipstamatic app with my iPhone. This time, it’s with my iPhone 4S.

All rights reserved. ©2012 Jay Crisologo

One of the coolest things Hipstamatic added in 2012 was the Multi-Exposure feature. NOT Double Exposure. MULTI-Exposure. I haven’t really begun to find the potential of this, but this pic was one that I still think was my best one so far with the feature.

We over Waipahu Rec Center
All rights reserved. ©2012 Jay Crisologo

For a limited time, Hipstamatic offered a free Rock The Vote Pak. When you took a picture, depending on the kind of “film” you used, random sayings related to voting would appear on the photo you took. This happened while I was taking a pic of the roof of the Waipahu Recreation Center.

What's left of the roast pork.
All rights reserved. ©2012 Jay Crisologo

In a Filipino party, even the head would have been gobbled up. Look at all that crispy skin around the tears!

All rights reserved. ©2012 Jay Crisologo

Artful cropping of a Matson shipping container. These things are essential to bringing Hawaii’s wants to shore.

Like Like Drive In sign
All rights reserved. ©2012 Jay Crisologo

Like drive? Used the Tinto 1884 lens on the Hipstamatic. It’s supposed to give a vintage portrait feel, but I really liked how it affected the glows of the neon.

I had a few more I wanted to add, but because they were a part of a set of pics, I thought they warranted a post for themselves. Stay tuned!


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Matson – The principal carrier of goods from around the world to Hawaii.

Rock The Vote – A non-profit organization dedicated to getting young people to register and vote. Older people too.

Like Like Drive Inn – A restaurant in Hawaii on Keeaumoku St near the Pagoda Hotel. One of the few old “local” style places that offer items like Corned Beef and Cabbage (the old way, with Libby’s canned corned beef and shredded cabbage), Saimin and Peach Melba.