“If it’s French cut, and camel-toed up a beautiful crevice, then yes, I am a panty.” – Electricbamboo, after being called a ‘panty’. July 10, 2012, in the evening.   Related Links: The definition of panty on Urban Dictionary. Look at reference #3 for the definition used. What’s a French cut panty? HERE. The twitter […]

The Hundreds Hit Hawaii – May 19, 2012

In celebration of their Hawaii capsule collection, the Hundreds co-founder and creative director Bobby Hundreds visited the islands to promote it with a meet & greet at the Prototype store in Pearlridge Center. Consisting of three designs, the capsule collection gave the brand’s take on some mainstays of the local culture, from malasadas to the […]

Reminiscing Your Awesome Ness

Near the corner of King St. and Kaheka, stood a dessert cafe called the Little Oven. I had been there a couple of times with my coworkers Michael Choy and Jeff Bercasio, but there was one night in July of 2009 that made this place special to me. That night the Little Oven offered Waffle […]